Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Generation Disoriented

Its about a group of people living on a part of land among 5,on a large rock floating in Space
alled Earth by its inhabitants,rotating around a star called Sun,in one of the billions and billions of Galaxies in the Universe....possibly one of several 'Universes'.These people are known as Indians and are putatively the most spiritual and religious creatures on the face of the planet Earth.

There is a change taking place.Its fast.Very fast .Some will cope up if they maintain the speed .Others will be left out.Its a new millennium and after breaking away from the shackles of cruel and inhuman domination at the hands of another set of people from the same planet,they are charging up.The whole country is ready to gallop and take gargantuan strides in every walk of life. People are earning more ,spending more than any of their forefathers.Its looks like the empyrean era everyone was waiting for.

However something is amiss.Isn't it? The country reputed to be the spiritual home of the World ,the birthplace of many of its oldest religions is losing faith.Money to buy anything and scientific minds to reason out anything convince them to digress from their beliefs .However the society and its values are still not weak enough to let them wither their values.Morality may have taken a strong blow in the face but its still not out .The fight is still on. People are confused ,apprehensive ,abashed about their conduct.What should be done what not.What is correct what not?Is the New Age materialism the answer to their age old suffering or not?What is the importance of our traditional spiritual knowledge in today's World.No doubt they are perplexed because never in the history of Mankind a change like this took place.With ever increasing tensions of work life ,intrusion of media in personal lives and deterioration of nature and world climate,each one is is at the crossroads of life.One is the road to perdition ,the other road to spiritual kingdom(if it exists!!).No one knows coz u can't reason out the existence of a spiritual world .Only those who have been there or will be there know.

As India marches on to become a major power on the planet ,influencing policies of not only its immediate neighbors but also of many major countries worldwide,it has a prudent role to play.It has to serve as an example to the world.An example of how to coexist harmoniously with Nature.An example of why materialistic prowess is not the factor that decides how advanced a civilization or a Nation is ,to show how they define a Developed India.A country whose people are not hungry ,a country that loves its flora and fauna .A country never shy of sharing knowledge with others to improve their lives as well.

They believe in logic.They always have .Since thousands of years ago its sages have pondered over and witnessed the enigma of spirituality in addition to required amount of materialistic knowledge.
One day a new generation of Indians will stand tall on the surface of Moon(Earth's celestial neighbor) or Mars(one of Earth's seven brothers in the solar system) and ask himself 'What next ?'

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