Thursday, August 27, 2009

моя первая статья Русский

Здравствуйте, друзья,

Это мой первый русский блога. Ее было 3 месяца, так как я пришел в Алматы, и теперь я понимаю, немного русский.Погода здесь очень приятная, и я встретил очень интересных людей.

В добрый день и до свидания .

Ваш друг


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is this it?

There are some moments in life that leave us totally speechless and nonplussed.They become more memorable when they are related to someone special in your life.I had one such experience recently that completely shook me to the core.It was like ,like beautiful spring flowers blooming in winters.It was like basking under the crimson sky on a Mediterranean the pleasant first monsoon shower the first bite of the Swiss Chocolate melting in your mouth as if it was never there.

It was a moment of transcendental beauty..a moment which has been described much more beautifully by poets ,singers and musicians for ages and ages.Its just like movies ,where one is simply too confounded to make any sense out of anything.That was the moment.That was the moment when everything paused.The whole world was still ,barring me and her.She was there ,standing like a fairy in front of me and her radiant skin was illuminating the whole area.I had always dream t about "the one".The one who will leave me speechless,senseless and motionless.The one with whom I was ready to live for ever and ever.

It was another beautiful day in this beautiful life of mine.Beautiful sunshine and perfect weather.I was at the training center ready for another day of learning exciting stuff.The day was going on pretty well.Then, the instructor paused the session for a coffee break and I left the class for some of it.As soon as I took a turn in the corridor I saw her, standing with her friends.Smiling,blushing ,chatting. I became numb and walked past her ,towards the coffee machine like a zombie with her smiling face all over in my head.Nothing else existed in those wonderful moments.

I do not know anything about her.I do not know where to find her.Her smile is transfixed in my mind like i have known her for ages.I want to stay with her throughout this life ,to share my happiness with her,take all her sorrows,watch her smile on all the big and small things.

Well that sounds like a movie scene.And i do not disagree.Maybe it is,the same way as this life is a beautiful dream.But maybe i l have to forget her as a beautiful dream.Maybe thats all that is in my destiny.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am back

Hi there people .

Its been a long time since I wrote .I think i was missing the inspiration for writing.Writer's block i guess !!! ;)

The world has changed a lot in the past few months .You can see it,feel it ,all around you.The world economy is in doldrums.Political changes are aplenty.And yes the "CHANGE" is here at last.I would heartily like to congratulate Mr.Obama for his convincing victory in US Presidential elections.

This was an event that reflected what the masses want.I feel there is an underlying similarity in what people want in their lives wherever they belong to.Be it France,India,Russia or US.We all want our family to be happy,food and education for our children.Peace and properity in our communities.What the US economy meltdown did was that it brought the that realization to the people in US and abroad that we have to be sane and act responsibly for our future.Immature greed and lavish lives don't mean a good one.We must work on economic models that give stability to lives of people and HOPE for future.Unless there is hope in life ,we can't succeed.
Mr.Obama gives people hope.A hope that we can change the world for better.That we can stand united against our common problems.A hope to the world, that once there is change inside the most powerful nation in the world,there will be changes for sure in other parts of world as well.

Coming to another recent historical moment ,I would like to congratulate ISRO for their commendable work.May Chandrayaan -1 be as successful as it is expected to be and may it pave the path for further Indian space strides.As a child I always wished ,one day I will take the Indian flag to Mars.The dream seems closer now. :)

On a personal level ,life has been very kind to me.Past few months have been enlightening.Coming to Canada for work was pretty intimidating for me at first.But gradually the excitement grew and the urge to work to the best of my ability and enjoy life as it is overcame me.I have been reading few metaphysical topics lately and have the feeling that surely there's someone up there who is happy with me.New people ,new experiences are so helpful in helping you get to know yourself.I never realized it earlier.Thankfully now i do.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Everything is coming to an end

Its hard to describe in words the feeling how feeling of sadness and hope,nostalgia and excitement can co-exist .Throughout our lives we gain few things ,lose somethings .We love things and hate things and eventually we just let it go.However at other times this separation is not so easy .Specially when that something has changed your life completely.

Four years ago when i walked into the huge gates of my alma mater IIT Roorkee little did I know ,how much it would change and teach me.With an open mind and heart i entered this place to make friends,to learn ,to innovate and think .Life entangles you to so many ideas and people and that too so furtively that you never realize how much they mean to you.And suddenly(as it seems!!)its all coming to an end.Its something you always know is going to happen but still don't want it to happen.I can't help but observe the similarity with death.We all know that one day its all going to end yet we love life so much that don't want it to end.

Each day another string breaks,another association shatters,another goodbye is spoken.Yesterday i.e 8 th April 2008 was the day that i appeared for the last midterm exams here at IIT Roorkee.Never thought the significance of this word "LAST " until it happened.It had to happen.Then why i am sad and confused.
Little did I realize ehat people meant when they said "love without attachment" coz now it hurts having attached my heart to so many things here.The Department,the hostel life,the beautiful campus,the innocent and simple life in this small town of Roorkee and ofcourse my dear friends,who too will leave and separate in very near future. I wish i could store the smell,the air ,the feel of the wind and the feel of my intellectual haven "Electrical engineering department classrooms".I don't know where i am going to go in my life.I may be successful ,i may be not.I may be happy ,may be not.Maybe famous ,maybe not.But one thing that no one can take from me ,are the memories of these wonderful 4 years here at IIT Roorkee.(Well Shahrukh did help me a lil bit ;) !!)

Saturday, February 23, 2008


The other day I was surfing through the internet when I came across this documentary sort of video about the "Metro Man" -E.Sreedharan.The father of Delhi Metro project ,considered to be one of the most efficient and systematic Metro systems in the world.

A peek into this man's life ,recently awarded 'Indian Of the Year' award by a leading news channel ,gave an insight into how simplicity mixed with devotion to work can bring out the best in a person.For Mr.Sreedharan professional life took a new turn after 60 when he was appointed for the Konkan railway project.This was a project for which even many foreign contractors gave up.But against all odds he managed to not only give the country a picturesque railway route but also proved the mettle of Indian railway engineering.The project involving construction of a multitude of bridges and tunnels in the some of the most unfavourable areas gave a new confidence and maturity to railway engineering.

His sense of discipline ,dedication,perfection,professionalism and care for fellow workers was something you don't get to see much of these years in a government employee.He worships his work and tries to make the experience worthwhile for all those involved, by infusing tremendous creativity in all the tasks he takes up.

A true statesman,motivator ,leader,teacher,mentor,technocrat or whatever you say.Even though he commands so much respect and is so powerful owing to his reputation the man lives an austere life with modest meals and style of living.

Seeing him work ,no wonder everyone who gets in touch with him becomes his fan.He inspires the young generation of this country to see what wonders we can create in this modern world if only we have trust in our abilities and trust in God.His life gives an excellent example of how a simple ,spiritual and dedicated life can bring about a change so significant that it influences not only the lives of people benefiting directly from his work but also motivates and ensipires a new generation to take up the responsibility of creating a better future for all.

I believe these are the leaders that are guiding the youth of our country to the challenges of the future .We do not need a leader who just speaks and shouts .We need people who have the guts to go out there and get things done straight away.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Generation Disoriented

Its about a group of people living on a part of land among 5,on a large rock floating in Space
alled Earth by its inhabitants,rotating around a star called Sun,in one of the billions and billions of Galaxies in the Universe....possibly one of several 'Universes'.These people are known as Indians and are putatively the most spiritual and religious creatures on the face of the planet Earth.

There is a change taking place.Its fast.Very fast .Some will cope up if they maintain the speed .Others will be left out.Its a new millennium and after breaking away from the shackles of cruel and inhuman domination at the hands of another set of people from the same planet,they are charging up.The whole country is ready to gallop and take gargantuan strides in every walk of life. People are earning more ,spending more than any of their forefathers.Its looks like the empyrean era everyone was waiting for.

However something is amiss.Isn't it? The country reputed to be the spiritual home of the World ,the birthplace of many of its oldest religions is losing faith.Money to buy anything and scientific minds to reason out anything convince them to digress from their beliefs .However the society and its values are still not weak enough to let them wither their values.Morality may have taken a strong blow in the face but its still not out .The fight is still on. People are confused ,apprehensive ,abashed about their conduct.What should be done what not.What is correct what not?Is the New Age materialism the answer to their age old suffering or not?What is the importance of our traditional spiritual knowledge in today's World.No doubt they are perplexed because never in the history of Mankind a change like this took place.With ever increasing tensions of work life ,intrusion of media in personal lives and deterioration of nature and world climate,each one is is at the crossroads of life.One is the road to perdition ,the other road to spiritual kingdom(if it exists!!).No one knows coz u can't reason out the existence of a spiritual world .Only those who have been there or will be there know.

As India marches on to become a major power on the planet ,influencing policies of not only its immediate neighbors but also of many major countries worldwide,it has a prudent role to play.It has to serve as an example to the world.An example of how to coexist harmoniously with Nature.An example of why materialistic prowess is not the factor that decides how advanced a civilization or a Nation is ,to show how they define a Developed India.A country whose people are not hungry ,a country that loves its flora and fauna .A country never shy of sharing knowledge with others to improve their lives as well.

They believe in logic.They always have .Since thousands of years ago its sages have pondered over and witnessed the enigma of spirituality in addition to required amount of materialistic knowledge.
One day a new generation of Indians will stand tall on the surface of Moon(Earth's celestial neighbor) or Mars(one of Earth's seven brothers in the solar system) and ask himself 'What next ?'

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Getting Ready for THE DAY

All of us have had that ventral churning and discomfiture before major events in our lives.It is mostly beneficial in making our efforts better.5 days before appearing for one of the most important career deciding events of my life(although not as important as IIT-JEE),the queasy feeling is taking toll of me.I am poring over tomes of English books(???? what the hell)for getting a good score.GRE is a lot different from all the exams I have appeared for throughout my student life.Its has got a different feel to it.I have almost finished studying all the word lists for this exam from the Bible "Barrons".Though my retention percentage is dismally low.Also there is no fixwd syllabus .You know its going to be an English language exam :thats it.What bewilders me is that why do they lay so much emphasis on English rather than Analytical or Maths skills.Simply beat me !!That totally obviates the purpose of taking another English testing exam TOEFL.Still if a university says it wants both we can't refuse ,can we.
The drama has begun.I hope the denouement of this whole episode is a propitious one.Trying to do my best with just 5 days to improve whatever i can .

I hope to receive your words of benediction .