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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is this it?

There are some moments in life that leave us totally speechless and nonplussed.They become more memorable when they are related to someone special in your life.I had one such experience recently that completely shook me to the core.It was like ,like beautiful spring flowers blooming in winters.It was like basking under the crimson sky on a Mediterranean the pleasant first monsoon shower the first bite of the Swiss Chocolate melting in your mouth as if it was never there.

It was a moment of transcendental beauty..a moment which has been described much more beautifully by poets ,singers and musicians for ages and ages.Its just like movies ,where one is simply too confounded to make any sense out of anything.That was the moment.That was the moment when everything paused.The whole world was still ,barring me and her.She was there ,standing like a fairy in front of me and her radiant skin was illuminating the whole area.I had always dream t about "the one".The one who will leave me speechless,senseless and motionless.The one with whom I was ready to live for ever and ever.

It was another beautiful day in this beautiful life of mine.Beautiful sunshine and perfect weather.I was at the training center ready for another day of learning exciting stuff.The day was going on pretty well.Then, the instructor paused the session for a coffee break and I left the class for some of it.As soon as I took a turn in the corridor I saw her, standing with her friends.Smiling,blushing ,chatting. I became numb and walked past her ,towards the coffee machine like a zombie with her smiling face all over in my head.Nothing else existed in those wonderful moments.

I do not know anything about her.I do not know where to find her.Her smile is transfixed in my mind like i have known her for ages.I want to stay with her throughout this life ,to share my happiness with her,take all her sorrows,watch her smile on all the big and small things.

Well that sounds like a movie scene.And i do not disagree.Maybe it is,the same way as this life is a beautiful dream.But maybe i l have to forget her as a beautiful dream.Maybe thats all that is in my destiny.