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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nice and Marseilles trip part 2

After taking directions from the tourist office we decided to walk all the way to the place we were told to go.We had our dinner at an Indian restaurant named JAIPUR.Then ,we walked almost 10-15 Km that night along the beautiful MArseilles port ,beaches and markets.We saw the typical rooftop parties from top of a palace near by.Thats where the zoom of the camera came handy.
We used to walk a Km or so and then just take a break on a bench on the shore side.Gaurav and me kept saying to each other just one km more and then we'll stop but that one km never finished!!!We came to the end of the city .A place from where we could see the lights of the city going out and merging into the darkness of the ocean that lay beyond it.Nearby was a very beautiful beach on whichwe spent a very unforgettable night.It was chilly as hell,wind was blowing as if a storm was approaching and we were unprepared for it.We decided to take up this night as ita once in a life time opportunity and stayed there under the shimmering stars till morning when the warmth of the sun gave us some relief and we dozed off for a good 3-5 hrs sleep there on the beach itself.In the night we asw a lot of love birds on the beach,families coming and having a good time at 3 am !!!!!that was pretty weird and both of us just kept looking as each other as more and more people came to the beach all night long.

We spent the morning and the afternoon at various lively and exotic beaches of Marseilles.Gaurav's jaw dropped a hundred feets as soon as we reached there.So many European beauties at one spot.Hard to describe!!After
that we made our way back to the city centre and made our move towards the Notre dam.It was located so high up on the hill and the road was very steep as well.It took a hell lot of effort to walk up there and visit the Notredam.I would say it was worth all the efforts.The enchanting panoramic view from the top was transcendental.Words fall short for its beauty.

After a day long of sight seeing at various places in Marseilles we came back to the Gare to get a train to Nice.At the desk we found a guy who had been to India twice and knew a bit of hindi as well!!!!!That was great feeling .We got on to a train at around 8 pm and reached Nice at 10 pm.

As we came out of the station in Nice we could see that we were in for a treat and good time .We were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of european beauties and we understood immediately why Nice figures as one of worlds best beach destinations!!!
We spent the night at a modestly expensive hotel and went to bed after a short walk of the city area.Watched some interesting TV programs that night in the room.

Sunday was a whole new day and a whole new experience.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Nice and Marseilles Trip Part 1

It was a beautiful sunny day in Lyon.I took a half day leave and reached Part dieu railway station around 1:30 pm .Gaurav,my friend from IITB Civil was waiting for me there.Pretty excited about our first journey in Europe we hurriedly reached our Voie or platform and waited for the train TER ,which are the regional trains in France.The trains didnt require any reservation ona particular seat .You can just go and find yourself any place to sit.We shared a compartment with two guys and two girls.Had a brief conversation and then all of us dozed off for an afternoon nap.The four hour journey to Marseilles was like over in a flash.On our way we saw the beautiful Mediterranean waters reaching far in to the land on our sides.It was one of most beautiful scenes that i have seen till date.....the sun going low ,the blue waters of the Mer touching the feets of the low hills surrounding them and our train passing through a side track by the hills!!!

We reached Marseilles at 6:15 PM .Both of us were amateur travellers and had gone to a totally new place without any reservations for our stay for the night :p.Gaurav had a list of few hostels in Marseilles but we didnt know where to go from the station /Gare.Once outside we asked few people where to go but they said that those hostels are very far from the station.We being the dilly dally types decided to look for one cheap place to stay near the station itself.After searching in the nearby for over an hour we decided that probably we wont find one near the Gare so lets go somewhere far from it.On our way we saw a life size metallic bull had fallen from top a building and crushed a car below .It was such a strange sight.people were queuing up to see it as if itwas some tourist attraction.

Finally towards the end of the road towards the port we found the tourist information centre.We thought now we'll get info about some hostels and rest for some time.But it was not supposed to be so.

The interesting part of the day was just about to begin .What happened after this staged the perfect starting for our EUROTRIP.......;

Keep checking for more updates !

Friday, July 27, 2007

Euro Trip Prologue

Hello all my friends!!!

Well this is the prologue to the story of the legendary Eurotrip of mine.I have been repudiating from my duty of keeping all of you updated for which i am deeply ,solemnly sorry!Its been almost a month or more since i blogged and I really missed it lemme assure you of that.

I shall now start my chronicles of one of the best phases of my life which is set in the beautiful,romantic and scintillating valley of the French Alps in a city called -LYON.

The trip took me to some of the most famous ,infamous,exhilirating,captivating and stupendous locations around Europe.I travelled across the continent through France,Italy,Spain,Netherlands and Belgium ,met some amazing people and saw fascinating cultures and traditions.Indeed an unforgettable trip !!!

So sit back and enjoy as i start posting my travelog shortly!!!