Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Getting Ready for THE DAY

All of us have had that ventral churning and discomfiture before major events in our lives.It is mostly beneficial in making our efforts better.5 days before appearing for one of the most important career deciding events of my life(although not as important as IIT-JEE),the queasy feeling is taking toll of me.I am poring over tomes of English books(???? what the hell)for getting a good score.GRE is a lot different from all the exams I have appeared for throughout my student life.Its has got a different feel to it.I have almost finished studying all the word lists for this exam from the Bible "Barrons".Though my retention percentage is dismally low.Also there is no fixwd syllabus .You know its going to be an English language exam :thats it.What bewilders me is that why do they lay so much emphasis on English rather than Analytical or Maths skills.Simply beat me !!That totally obviates the purpose of taking another English testing exam TOEFL.Still if a university says it wants both we can't refuse ,can we.
The drama has begun.I hope the denouement of this whole episode is a propitious one.Trying to do my best with just 5 days to improve whatever i can .

I hope to receive your words of benediction .

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