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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Everything is coming to an end

Its hard to describe in words the feeling how feeling of sadness and hope,nostalgia and excitement can co-exist .Throughout our lives we gain few things ,lose somethings .We love things and hate things and eventually we just let it go.However at other times this separation is not so easy .Specially when that something has changed your life completely.

Four years ago when i walked into the huge gates of my alma mater IIT Roorkee little did I know ,how much it would change and teach me.With an open mind and heart i entered this place to make friends,to learn ,to innovate and think .Life entangles you to so many ideas and people and that too so furtively that you never realize how much they mean to you.And suddenly(as it seems!!)its all coming to an end.Its something you always know is going to happen but still don't want it to happen.I can't help but observe the similarity with death.We all know that one day its all going to end yet we love life so much that don't want it to end.

Each day another string breaks,another association shatters,another goodbye is spoken.Yesterday i.e 8 th April 2008 was the day that i appeared for the last midterm exams here at IIT Roorkee.Never thought the significance of this word "LAST " until it happened.It had to happen.Then why i am sad and confused.
Little did I realize ehat people meant when they said "love without attachment" coz now it hurts having attached my heart to so many things here.The Department,the hostel life,the beautiful campus,the innocent and simple life in this small town of Roorkee and ofcourse my dear friends,who too will leave and separate in very near future. I wish i could store the smell,the air ,the feel of the wind and the feel of my intellectual haven "Electrical engineering department classrooms".I don't know where i am going to go in my life.I may be successful ,i may be not.I may be happy ,may be not.Maybe famous ,maybe not.But one thing that no one can take from me ,are the memories of these wonderful 4 years here at IIT Roorkee.(Well Shahrukh did help me a lil bit ;) !!)