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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am back

Hi there people .

Its been a long time since I wrote .I think i was missing the inspiration for writing.Writer's block i guess !!! ;)

The world has changed a lot in the past few months .You can see it,feel it ,all around you.The world economy is in doldrums.Political changes are aplenty.And yes the "CHANGE" is here at last.I would heartily like to congratulate Mr.Obama for his convincing victory in US Presidential elections.

This was an event that reflected what the masses want.I feel there is an underlying similarity in what people want in their lives wherever they belong to.Be it France,India,Russia or US.We all want our family to be happy,food and education for our children.Peace and properity in our communities.What the US economy meltdown did was that it brought the that realization to the people in US and abroad that we have to be sane and act responsibly for our future.Immature greed and lavish lives don't mean a good one.We must work on economic models that give stability to lives of people and HOPE for future.Unless there is hope in life ,we can't succeed.
Mr.Obama gives people hope.A hope that we can change the world for better.That we can stand united against our common problems.A hope to the world, that once there is change inside the most powerful nation in the world,there will be changes for sure in other parts of world as well.

Coming to another recent historical moment ,I would like to congratulate ISRO for their commendable work.May Chandrayaan -1 be as successful as it is expected to be and may it pave the path for further Indian space strides.As a child I always wished ,one day I will take the Indian flag to Mars.The dream seems closer now. :)

On a personal level ,life has been very kind to me.Past few months have been enlightening.Coming to Canada for work was pretty intimidating for me at first.But gradually the excitement grew and the urge to work to the best of my ability and enjoy life as it is overcame me.I have been reading few metaphysical topics lately and have the feeling that surely there's someone up there who is happy with me.New people ,new experiences are so helpful in helping you get to know yourself.I never realized it earlier.Thankfully now i do.