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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day

I wish every fellow Indian a ver yHappy Independence day.Like every year I would like to ask you to take out some time to animadvert over our achievements ,our failures,our mistakes,our wonders,our antipathy to what is wrong among us,our ideals ,our morals ,our heroes ,our alibi as a nation .A nation of 1.5 billion people which still struggles to get a few Bronze medals(leave aside Gold and Silver ) at Olympic Games.A nation which is so intelligent and innovative yet whose children leave her for better life and career prospects in other countries.A nation where people have become so complacent towards decreasing importance of human life in the society that they do not care if someone poor dies outside their house of hunger,even if they are relishing a sumptuous feast inside.As we all know not everything is right with the system here.I will not go into any sardonic recriminations against politicians or this or that.We all know who the culprit is.US!!(NOT United States)
Let us pledge at this auspicious day that we will work hard individually as much possible to make this country better not jsut for you and me but for all those who are waiting in their power less ,mulcted by poverty ,penury struck homes for a New India to empower them.I believe we can start off with easy steps such as saving as much power and water as we can at our homes and by putting up our best efforts to keep India clean.