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Saturday, February 23, 2008


The other day I was surfing through the internet when I came across this documentary sort of video about the "Metro Man" -E.Sreedharan.The father of Delhi Metro project ,considered to be one of the most efficient and systematic Metro systems in the world.

A peek into this man's life ,recently awarded 'Indian Of the Year' award by a leading news channel ,gave an insight into how simplicity mixed with devotion to work can bring out the best in a person.For Mr.Sreedharan professional life took a new turn after 60 when he was appointed for the Konkan railway project.This was a project for which even many foreign contractors gave up.But against all odds he managed to not only give the country a picturesque railway route but also proved the mettle of Indian railway engineering.The project involving construction of a multitude of bridges and tunnels in the some of the most unfavourable areas gave a new confidence and maturity to railway engineering.

His sense of discipline ,dedication,perfection,professionalism and care for fellow workers was something you don't get to see much of these years in a government employee.He worships his work and tries to make the experience worthwhile for all those involved, by infusing tremendous creativity in all the tasks he takes up.

A true statesman,motivator ,leader,teacher,mentor,technocrat or whatever you say.Even though he commands so much respect and is so powerful owing to his reputation the man lives an austere life with modest meals and style of living.

Seeing him work ,no wonder everyone who gets in touch with him becomes his fan.He inspires the young generation of this country to see what wonders we can create in this modern world if only we have trust in our abilities and trust in God.His life gives an excellent example of how a simple ,spiritual and dedicated life can bring about a change so significant that it influences not only the lives of people benefiting directly from his work but also motivates and ensipires a new generation to take up the responsibility of creating a better future for all.

I believe these are the leaders that are guiding the youth of our country to the challenges of the future .We do not need a leader who just speaks and shouts .We need people who have the guts to go out there and get things done straight away.

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