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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The World Is Beautiful

Ca va,

Does the sun know that its so beautiful,do the flowers or the oceans have any idea of their fragrance and beauty,depth??I dont think so!But yes,i do know that my life is amazingly beautiful.
I had never ever even dreamt that i will get the opportunity to see the other side of the world so early in my life;but with the grace of the Almighty here i am !!

Year:2007 Summers

Let me tell you my stay here over the past 1 month has been phenomenal.Really.I have seen a totally different world unfold in front of my eyes .This is something i was trying to visualize each night i went to bed before coming here.
And its not only the difference of infrastructure and facilities that has attracted my attention but also the starking difference in our social structures.However I think that this variation itself gives birth to beauty of life !

Now let me tell you about my stay in Lyon.I am working here at INSA Lyon,one of the most reputed engineering institutes of France and among the best in field of IT and computer technology.I am fortunate enough to have got the opportunity to be a part of the Informatique department here and experience the standards myself.I work as an intern under Mr.JeanPhilippe Babau and Fabrice Jumel ,who are researchers at the CITI Lab .I work in an office along with the PhD guys under Mr.Babau-Julien and Belgacem.Two really intelligent,funny,active and helpful guys.

And well the most troublesome experience uptil now has been getting good vegetarian food that gives some satisfaction to the stomach.Life teaches everything does'nt it.After eating cheese and bread for first one week every time i was hungry i decided that I had to cook food myself at room or else i l die of hunger.Guess what life had another pleasant surprise for me!It gave me an Indian IIT friend in the same hostel or residence as called here.He taught me how to cook two three dishes tha helped me survive this month.Hopefully I willl try out some more dishes now this month thus ending my hunger woes.Well Shekhar,sorry I forgot to mention his name earlier, is a really nice guy .Two IITians understand each other
so well I never realized earlier.

For now i feel sleepy and i have to do alot of travel in my dreams tonight so will post about my Marseilles and Nice trip later .Till then its me signinig off with a quote from some geek that I lliked:

"Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die."_____Amelia Burr