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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Legendary Chronicles of the Tormented soul

Deplorable and unpropitiated events do happen a lot where I am concerned.Its hard to remember the last time i was out of trouble for a period more than 2 days!!!I am getting better at getting screwed up!However this post is not only to slander my own existence rather to devote some quality time in examining the esoteric behavior of the some nerds among the gaggle of the 'elite' IIT ians.

This species is marked with the wont to start taking reviews from the lesser kind as soon as an exam is over.Its pretty easy to find one outside any examination hall.The one with the thickest crowd of morons babbling about a possible answer around him is one of the kind.'It' hideously creeps near you to ask if you did well(as if my lamenting countenance is not a good enough insinuation ).Well then there is this other subspecies of morons here-the sly and wily ones.They sympathize with you having done bad and console us by their words of encouragement.The reality slaps you only when you actually try them out for help....those are the first ones to put up their hands and say " I have no idea how this works","sorry yaar i will need this book within an hour ,so....".Thank you so much

I dont know why such kind of caustic views prop up only when you yourself are screwing yourself.This ones due to another marred TS .Oh god why do you have to make us go through these excruciating experiences again and again! I need salvation....